IVL acquires BioMil

From 1st of March, BioMil's operations will shift to IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, please see the press release (in Swedish). For BioMil's owners it is gratifying to be able to hand over the company's expertise and long experience in the biogas area to IVL.

BioMil's staff will continue to work on ongoing projects without changes and we will contact our customers in the near future to discuss the transfer of projects to IVL.

Anders D, Marita and Emelie will move to IVL's office in Malmö, while Daniel and Anders H will be on IVL's office in Gothenburg.

We thank you for all the good cooperation we have had over the years in BioMil and hope for an as good cooperation in the future and common development of the biogas industry.

BioMil AB